Solid Roof Conservatory

If you are looking at a new conservatory, or just want to upgrade your existing conservatory, then our solid roof conservatories are an ideal choice for homeowners.

Add the finishing touch to your new extension or transform a tired conservatory into a beautiful living space that perfectly blends into the aesthetic of your home and can be used throughout the year.

You can benefit from the additional light, feeling of spaciousness and wonderful views that a traditional conservatory brings. While at the same time feel the extra comfort and security that you experience with a conventional looking ceiling.

Without the necessity for a more expensive fully bricked extension, you will be able to create an atmosphere that is more in keeping with the rest of your home. And we the ability to fully customise the roof, you can easily create that wow factor.

Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of increased insulation, which works to not only retain the heat during the colder months, but also to help to keep cool during the hot spells. The solid roof regulates the temperature in the room to keep it more consistent.


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Replace Your Existing Roof

Conservatory design and build quality has dramatically increased in recent times. If you have a conservatory that is looking a little tired, or is not being optimised then this is a great ideal to breathe new life into your existing conservatory. Perhaps you find yourself not using your conservatory as it becomes too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. If this sounds familiar you’ll be pleased to know that we can retrofit a solid roof to your existing conservatory to create a comfortable environment.

  • 365 day comfort – rain or shine!.
  • Insulated roof helps reduce energy bills.
  • Multi-layered design means no condensation.
  • Reduced noise and glare.
  • Quick installation
  • Personalise with a choice of design options.