The Palladio Door Collection offers you the choice of 26 stunning styles & designs in fabulous colours to compliment your home. These Composite Doors are fitted and installed across the UK through.

Front Doors Available in 10 Individual Colours

Your new composite door can be as individual as you like. You can choose from 10 unique external composite door colours including; Anthracite Grey, Blue, Bog Oak, Chartwell, Green, Light Oak, Red, Rosewood and White.

Adding that stunning finishing touch

Front door hardware, ie. handles, letterboxes etc., are a high-grade, solid quality. No corners have been cut. The results when fitted in the composite door are excellent, in keeping with the main product.

Benefits of our Palladio Door are as follows:

  • Double rebated as standard (giving you double seal as opposed to a 44mm single rebate door that would have a single seal for air tightness
  • U Value .85 for a solid door
  • U Value .98 for a glazed door (probably the only door in the UK that would be A Rated throughout the full range)
  • All doors are Renolite foil finish (not painted) matching the outer frame perfectly (most doors would have a white frame only as the door colour cannot match the frame)
  • Triple glazed units as standard with sidelight glass matching (most door manufacturers do not have any sidelight glass available)
    Made up of 65mm reinforced fibreglass Monocoque structure (this is a high security door as opposed to others that are foam filled)
  • 4 hinges fitted as standard (most doors only have 3)
  • 10 point locking system (most door companies would have a 3 – 4 point locking system available)
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