Flush sash windows are the latest exciting development from Right Frame. They offer the realism of a traditional pre-1932 timber window combined with 21st century thermal benefits.

Many property owners require a traditional timber window frame, sometimes due to planning or environmental restrictions. Right Frame Flush Sash windows can be mechanically jointed, for an authentic timber appearance.

Timber frames tend to be expensive, need regular maintenance and can be difficult to replace. Right Frame recognised the need to develop a casement window frame that would fit into any property where the sash fitted flush into the frame -and which could be foiled to look like traditional timber or to offer a sleek, contemporary finish.

A+ rated windows
Right Frame flush sash windows, like the rest of the Right Frame EnergyPlus window range, are A+ rated. They offer a lower cost window with higher thermal benefits than timber – in addition to being fully secure.

Available in sculptured profile with the flush finish on external faces, 28mm double or triple glazing, internally beaded, with a wide choice of opening configurations, colours, finishes, hardware and glazing.

Cost Effective
The profiles used in Right Frame flush sash uPVC windows deliver high energy savings for the homeowner at a cost effective price. Right Frame uPVC window systems are capable of achieving A+ WE’ (Windows Energy Ratings) with cost effective double glazing – and a U-value as low as 0.8 W/m2K (with triple glazing).
Thermal Efficiency
The ground-breaking profiles used in Right Frame flush sash windows have a much greater thermal efficiency than conventional uPVC windows. By developing the latest in multi-chambered profile technology and removing unnecessary steel reinforcement, Right Frame ensure that the warmth remains where it should – inside
Better for the Environment
Right Frame flush sash uPVC windows are fully and easily recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Also, all Right Frame’s window frames are, and have always been, 100% lead-free – far ahead of legislation. You no longer have lead in your petrol or paint, so why choose to have frames containing lead?

Ultra-slim Sightlines
Right Frame’s flush sash uPVC windows are less frame and more glass, meaning a much more attractive window and letting in the maximum amount of natural light. High-tech design and engineering combines with the flexibility to create an individual appearance for every home, pushing the boundaries of possibility.